About Us

 We are professional: Frontera Grill opened its doors in 1987, and has been amazing guests and critics alike ever since.  The additions of Topolobampo, Xoco, and Bar Sótano gives you many chances to experience the wonder and variety of Mexican cuisine!

We are passionate: We love our city, we love our staff, we love our guests, and we love serving you.  Our commitment to service extends far beyond our dining room tables. Read more HERE

We are authentic: While the you really need to visit Mexico for the real experience, the next best thing is in our four walls as we create the flavors, energy, and spirit of Mexican Cuisine, all while using our fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients.  

We are local: We believe in sourcing locally, because the freshest ingredients make the best meals.  We live in an amazing city, where we look out for our neighbors, and we are surrounded by the best farmland in America.  Come by and see what you are missing!